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August 21, 2018

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We are very excited and enthusiastic to offer Botanical Interests seeds at the greenhouses and online this year. There are a number of reasons we have come to really like this seed company, aside from the fact they are a small, family-owned business like us that pursues excellence in what they do.

Botanical Interests offers a unique, high-quality line of organic and untreated garden seeds not available in the box and discounting chain stores. They have over 600 varieties, 140 of which are certified organic. All seed varieties are untreated. None are GMOs. Their packaging contains beautiful artwork of the plant and lots of very useful planting and growing information both on the outside and inside of the packaging. Their company motto is "Let us educate and inspire the gardener in you!", and they do a fantastic job with all kinds of website and blog articles and helpful videos.

Here's a recap of why we've chosen Botanical Interests seeds:

  • All their seeds are non-GMO.
  • They offer a large variety of Heirloom seeds.
  • They offer a large variety of Organic seeds.
  • Their seeds are untreated.
  • The seed packaging is beautifully designed with lots of very helpful planting and growing information about the plant on the outside and inside of the package.
  • Since we are an affiliate, you can buy their seeds directly from our website shipped to your house.
  • Like us, they are a small, family-owned business where they place a high value on quality, attention to detail, and customer service.

Don't forget to pick up your seeds when you visit the greenhouses this spring!

For a complete list of seeds you can buy online or at the greenhouses this spring, click here.

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