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Plant Calculator

Use this calculator to determine the number of plants you will need to fill a given area.

  1. Select the shape of area to plant. If you desire to only plant the perimeter, click the checkbox "Perimeter only".
  2. Enter the space or spread of the plant. This information is found in the "Spread" column of any of the lists displayed from the menus above. It can also be found on the plant tag (click the thumbnail in the "Thumbnail Image" column of any list).
  3. Enter the dimensions of the area. Depending on whether the area is a circle, rectangle, or triangle, certain dimensions are not applicable and grayed out.
  4. If you wish to fill only a portion of the area, enter the percentage value.
  5. Click the "Calculate" button to display the results.


Perimeter only
Percent of area to fill:
Suggested plant spacing (in.):
Perimeter depth to plant (in.):
Garden Width (ft.):
Garden Length (ft.):
Garden Diameter (ft.):
Result: plants


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